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Paula Ohlin is Certified Centered Riding Instructor Level 2 (currently the only one in Spain) and her specialty is to help all kind of riders to find how to be a better rider, trainer and companion to his horse.

Confianza y respeto entre tres seres; Instructora, amazona y caballo
Confianza y respeto entre tres seres; Instructora, amazona y caballo

With different methods, all very respectful to person and horse, she helps you find greater body and mind awareness and a smoother way to communicate with your horse. She will help you to create a healthier communication and training; wether to compete in an equestrian discipline, or just to enjoy and communicate better with your horse in leisure riding. With or without bit or shoes. With or without saddle. These methods help prevent injuries in horse and rider, and help you to ride with minimal aids and finding the true union with the horse. In our teaching we adapt to each individual – each person and each horse is different and this must be taken into account when teaching them something.

Equi-librio offers different opportunities to learn about conscious riding, driving or groundwork. You can come for classes in our Equestrian Space, Cal Gaudí, or Paula can come to your stable to give lessons.

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Another way is to organize a Conscious Riding clinic/course with Paula at your stable. She travelsall over the Iberian peninsula. The clínics/courses are from 2-4 days and during those days we work on body and mind awareness of the rider, both unmounted as mounted.

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